Great Barrier Reef

Terms & Conditions


Listed prices on The Crayseas are accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, in the unlikely event of an incorrectly priced item, The Crayseas has the right to decline the sale of the item at the inaccurate value.

After placing your order you will receive an email receipt confirming the details of your purchase. This email receipt does not comprise a contract. Orders may be cancelled at any time due to an inability to authorize a payment, insufficient stock, suspicion of fraudulent intent or any other reason deemed appropriate by The Crayseas. In addition, The Crayseas reserves the right to decline or cancel any such orders. If a cancelled purchase has already been charged to the customers’ credit card, The Crayseas will issue a credit to the account of the same amount within 7 business days.  The Crayseas reserve the right to modify the information on this site and the services and products described there in anytime without notice.


We currently only accept direct deposit payments.

If you are having difficulty checking out, please email for further assistance.


All prices are shown and charged in Australian Dollars (AUD). Please refer to your most reliable currency exchange rate source to find the conversion rate of your currency.

Credit Policy

Returned items and gift vouchers will maintain a credit value for 6 months. Credit will be issued via email and in the form of a code . Your credit can be used for all products on the website and can be used over several transactions within the time limit.

In the event of an ‘Invalid Order’, please note that once a customer accepts to be reimbursed with an online credit, change of mind to be reimbursed with a refund will not be accepted once the online credit has been processed.

If a customers parcel has been returned to sender (RTS), the customer will automatically be notified via email requesting for an alternate address to resend the parcel to. If this initial email is unresponded to after 4 weeks, we will then recontact the customer via both email and phone where applicable. If after 6 months we have not received any correspondence from the customer, we will then send a final email advising the customer that that their goods will be forfeited in 28 days if we do not receive a final response. At the 28 day mark post our final contact with the customer, it is then at our own disgression as to how we will dispose of the uncollected goods.

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